A couple months back I had posted about Lonzo Ball’s little brother, LaMelo Ball who took a half court shot in the middle of a game like a dickhead total champ so luckily I was informed recently of how he was doing… Well, uhhhh, pretty damn good! He dropped 92 the other night. NINETY TWO.

Here’s a video clip of our boy…

I am EATING UP that this kid did this. There must be something with having the name “Melo” in your first name that makes you allergic to playing defense, because LaMelo doesn’t appear to ACT like he’ll go back to do that… and we all know Carmelo HATES IT.

Fucking hilarious. I love this kid. So cocky, that Odell hair is awesome. He’s definitely already banged every chick he wants in his junior high school and probably finger blasts chicks at the lunch table with one hand, while he eats his PB&J with the other. SAVAGE.

LaMelo, YOU keep doing YOU. Fuck the haters. Feel free to check in (or Venmo charge me) if you need anything.



Cherry Picked Points are Still Points,