After the Ringley Bro’s Clippers and Knicks left the Garden floor last night, we were left with complete chaos and, oh, another Knicks loss…

The Oakley situation was a wild sideshow last night, but for those of us sick fans who actually watched Knicks games for what it was – the GAME – we watched us go up double digits only to blow it down the stretch. Again. AGAIN. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now, if losing wasn’t such a foregone conclusion for me after watching all these games, I’d probably be more butthurt with last night’s loss. But I’m not. Just numb.

After the game, the media and Melo seemed to have a little fun (at the point, why not? Might as well laugh!). They asked him if he still trusted Phil. Carmelo had said after he re-signed with the Knicks back in 2014 that he trusted Phil and what he was doing in New York.

His response to whether that changed as of last night – does he still trust Phil?

“I did say that!”

GREAT answer. There’s nothing better than avoiding a question completely and smiling and pretending like nothing is wrong. I’m pretty sure America was built like that and may currently be in a state like that…

Carmelo elaborated later, joking saying he “trusts the process” a poke at the 76ers plan to tank for YEARS AND YEARS to get all the best young talent and hopefully one day become a legitimate NBA franchise again.

Melo, I thought you were gone earlier this week, and now you have 100% calmed my nerves. I WILL trust the process. Mainly because I have no other choice over the matter, but also because you told me to. We’ll suffer through this together and it will make that title that you and KP bring here that much sweeter. We’ll look back on these days and think about how shitty life was and laugh.

I officially am backing WHATEVER it is the Knicks do now because Melo told me to #STAYME7O.



Trusting the Process,