A couple days ago on ESPN, I saw an article by Andrew Marchand asking along the lines of “Can Gary Sanchez do what he did last season but for a whole year?” So, it got me to thinking, what exactly would that look like… THIS is what our boys statline would look like (Sabermetrics by yours truly… nbd kbd):


61 homers with 128 RBI’s while batting .299? Uhhh…

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To put this in prospective, Mark Trumbo led the MLB last year with 47 homers. The previous year – 47 by Chris Davis. The year before that? Nelson Cruz with FORTY… The last time a player hit over 50 was 2013 and that was Chris Davis with 53.

I know it’s dumb to think he can replicate his 2016 season because it was honestly one of the most ridiculous things on the planet, but if Gary Sanchez can do what he did last year but this time for a full 162 games… Well we got ourselves the MLB MVP.




Offseason Dreamin’,