Don’t talk to me about the Falcons, don’t even look at me about the Falcons, don’t anything. I am still depressed about that PITIFUL second half performance.

This is my analogy from that game: You’re with a girl all night at the bar, you’re flirting, you’re buying drinks, dancing, kissing a little, the usual. You both agree to go home with one another and in your head you say, “I’m soooooo going to pounddown tonight.” It’s in the bag right? Get back to her/your place and start fooling around a little. You’re about to get after it and she stops you and says, “I don’t sleep with guys on the first night.” Your heart sinks and you’re kinda pissed right? You beg and plead but there’s no changing her mind. Blue balls to the max. That situation was my Falcons being up 28-9 late in the third quarter and slowly watching Brady (The GOAT) chisel my secondary away to nothing, then what do you know…. we lose. Ultimate choke job. I hate everybody.

You would think this week’s jams should all be depressing, cut-my-wrists, middle-school-emo songs… But I’m not like that. I persevere when life throws me curveballs (or choke jobs). And as a man of the people, I have a great lineup of songs for you guys this week. There’s a lot of them so I’m gonna spare you the write up on it, just give each a listen because they are all the newest tropical/progressive house bangers. So without further delay, let’s get tropical.

1.) Snakeships & MO – Don’t Leave (Gryffin Remix)

2.) Vanrip – Music Sounds Better With You

3.) Gabrielle Aplin – Miss You (Nick Talos Remix)

4.) Kiera Weathers – You Gotta Be

5.) Disco Fries & Shanahan – Is It Over (feat. Shy Martin) (Disco Fries Remix)

6.) Edgard Mile – Forget Me Nots (feat. Beatrich)

7.) Shavi & Beatrich – Rising High

8.) Cheat Codes – Queen Elizabeth (Attom Remix)

9.) Koni – Mad About You (feat. Danielle)

10.) BINK – Do You (Joe Kold Remix)

11.) Before We Go – Dirty Mind



No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal. Stay Sexy,