Week 25 baby, as straightforward as it can possibly get. If any team fighting for a champions league spot here drops points it’s fair to say that they are out of contention. Let’s dive in.

SPARKNOTES: Everton becomes a legitimate contender, Liverpool’s 2017 hell continues, Chelsea remain the beast at the top.


Arsenal v. Hull City
Emirates Stadium, 7:30 am
After getting spanked by your boys in Blue last week Arsenal essentially have a off week here. Wenger is still serving his ban but that won’t affect them. Totally sleeping through this one. 2-0 Arsenal.

Stoke v. Crystal Palace
Britannia Stadium, 10:00 am
Stoke drops the hammer. LOVE Stoke at home and Crystal Palace is in second to last place sooo no contest. The biggest thing here will be how shitty will the weather be during the game.
I’m thinking whipping winds and rain. 3-0 Stoke.

Manchester U v. Watford
Old Trafford, 10:00 am
As much as I hate United and love Watford, it’s just not to be. Old Trafford is not a place for the weak. Zlatan will score here and United fans will pretend that they’re not in 5th place (spoiler they move up in the rankings, but not to move up since).
Man U 2-1.

Middlesbrough v. Everton
Riverside Stadium, 10:00 am
Lukaku is a monster and parties on the river today. I’ll be as bold to say he gets a hat trick here. Trade rumors will increase and clearly nothing will happen. 4-0 Everton.


West Ham v. West Brom
London Stadium, 10:00 am
I like West Ham here. Bit of a sour year for them as their most expensive player essentially said he hated playing there and their old stadium is getting torn down. Giving them the pity win. 2-1 West Ham.

Sunderland v. Southampton
Stadium of Light, 10:00 am
Sunderland are getting relegated this season. I am very confident with that statement. A little sad as it just so shitty and cold up there and all they had was this team. 3-1 Southampton.

Liverpool v. Tottenham
Anifield, 12:30 am
Game of the week. Both could really use a win. Liverpool started Anifield this season off great but look dreadful now. Sp*rs are doing well this year and see them making a claim here. 2-1 Sp*rs.


Burnley v. Chelsea
Turf Moor, 8:30 am
No contest. Chelsea win fantastically here. Would like to see some young talent enter into the squad. We need them to get game experience for next year. Yea I’m looking forward to the Champions league already. 65-0 Chelsea.

Swansea v. Leicester City
Liberty Stadium, 11:00 am
Defending champs Leicester have stomped on my heart this year. A year full of ambition destroyed. No longer am I falling for their tricks. Swansea equally as dreadful this year pull the win. 1-0 Swans.


Bournemouth v. Manchester City
Dean Court, 3:00 pm
City will win big here. They have that new striker and I’m sure they will sub Aguero on late here as a total overkill move. 3-0 City.


Last Week’s Comparison: Considerably better than previous weeks.



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