Tonight I got to know a little bit more about our girl Kirstin, and she is even more perfect than I could’ve even imagined…

Watching someone you love so dearly struggle when they’re so great is difficult, and tonight’s Jeopardy was no different watching the love of my life Kirstin Cutts.

Halfway through the show she found herself in rough shape, down a thousand and just looking like things weren’t as easy as they had been the previous couple nights.

But when you love someone like I do, you believe in them no matter what. Through thick and thin. AND??

MY GIRL DID IT!!!!!!!!!

Because she’s the coolest person on the planet, she started off hitting a nice bunt single on the “Funky Town” category and you just knew… IT. WAS. ON.

She got the second Daily Double and just SMOKED the question about what kind of flower Vanilla comes from. When she said “What is an Orchad?” I lost it… I knew momentum had swung our way. It was the happiest moment for my little Kiki.

But what would you know, it took until Final Jeopardy for this one to be settled.

Kirstin was in the hole $3,400 to a war hero – who btw, #RE2PECT – but we all knew she had it in her. SHE’S KIRSTIN FRIKIN’ CUTTS…

I’ll be honest, the category for Final Jeopardy was “Literary Characters” and I had NO clue what it could be. I couldn’t name the last book I read cover to cover.

And then there it was…


And guess what that means guys?!?!?!?! We’ll see Kirstin again!!! I am so freaking proud of her!!

I feel like this is better than March Madness the excitement I felt tonight… certainly more exciting than any Knicks game I’ve watched in the last 4 years (both a testament to Jeopardy AND the Knicks organization)!! I CANNOT WAIT TIL NEXT TIME!!!!!!