Recapping Knicks games has become an unbelievable Groundhog Day for me and last night was no different when we hosted the Nuggets. Here are the highlights that you probably could’ve guessed yourself:

  • The first half we looked HIGHLY competitive only to bury ourselves in the 3rd quarter (again);
  • Melo shot the absolute lights out down the stretch in a futile effort (again);
  • We couldn’t get a stop for the life of us (again);
  • Some off-the-court shenanigans were abundant (wtf else is new?!);
  • Coach Hornacek was pissed about the defensive effort after the game (Uhh… YA THINK?!).

But here’s the thing, there were times watching the game I could say everyone looked great. EVERYONE. They all have flashes throughout the game. It is crazy we can’t put it together for a full 48 minute game, because if we could, this team would be scary.

(By the way, Joakim Noah was missing last night and until I began writing this, I completely forgot. In my mind, unless he comes back a completely different player than he was when he left, I am okay with him not playing.)

joakim noah

I don’t know what to do with this team. My love for them trumps ever giving up on them, but watching so many losses is just terrible for my mental and emotional health.

James Dolan, Phil Jackson, Jeff Hornacek, Carmelo Anthony, the powers that be, PLEASE turn this thing around. Sit down, figure out a plan, make this work. If not for this year, plan for next. But as a diehard, I need something to believe in and right now, this Groundhog Day isn’t working for me.



Knicks with NO Knack,