Now here’s a hot take the world isn’t ready for… Klay Thompson should consider leaving Golden State. It’s what’s best for him, his future and the NBA.

One-time NBA Champion and reigning 3-point Shootout Champion, Klay Thompson, should evaluate what’s going on in Oakland. Everyone sees the three pointers, the wins and the laughs game after game, and yes, the Warriors are the best team in the league as they should be. But, Klay should evaluate his options. It’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode just like what happened to the Thunder a few years back.

Many forget that Westbrook, Durant, Harden and Ibaka were four big names in the NBA and everything seemed like it wouldn’t change… “Soon” it was supposed be their chance to win a title.

But unlike the Thunder, Klay already achieved what the Thunder couldn’t, he HAS that title. And right now Klay is slowly becoming an outcast on this Warriors team. Some may think it’s moronic to even speculate that the Warriors will break up like the Thunder did. But whether it’s Draymond’s ignorance, Durant becoming the center piece of the Warriors offense, or Steph’s new brotherly love for Durant, Klay is being left in the dark. One of those situations has to annoy Klay, and it’s hard for me to see that it doesn’t.

After, Durant signed with the Warriors, Klay was the first one to comment on the situation by saying “I’m not sacrificing shit.” That was just the fuse being lit. But now let’s think and look at the facts: Golden State’s front office did not have to go out and sign Durant. They already had two very productive forwards (Andre Iguodala and Harrison Barnes) and Golden State’s offensive and defensive efficiency were top 5 in the league already. Yes, the Warriors did lose a heartbreaking Finals to a very deserving Cleveland Cavaliers team but, I like to chalk that one up to Draymond’s ignorance for him thinking that hitting LeBron below the belt on the biggest stage was a good idea.

draymond green

So who did the Warriors really feel wasn’t doing their job well enough? Klay wasn’t as productive offensively as he was when the Warriors won the title, but he was arguably the best defensive player on the warriors side in Draymond’s absence. Klay left it all on the court last June, but clearly the front office didn’t see it as I did. Instead, they signed Durant to better the franchise’s chance to getting back to the finals but it was UNNECESSARY.

They were one game away and they probably will walk away with the title this year, but Klay should explore his options. I don’t think he should completely fold, but there is no competition in the NBA with the Cavs and Warriors being the top dogs every year. Sure, the Spurs are always in contention with Popovich at the helm but they won’t get past the Warriors. It’s sad that the NBA is becoming predictable.

If Klay does explore his options, the Celtics, Bucks or even Lakers would be great teams for him to join. Klay joining any of those teams would change the structure of the entire NBA, he would be an immediate impact. The Celtics are a superstar away from being a very serious contender in the East, Isaiah Thomas is an absolute beast and it’s clear that he needs a little bit of help. The Bucks are a very young team in their growing stage with a couple of future superstars in Jabari Parker and the “Greek Freak” but Klay could bring them to the next level. The Lakers are in the same boat as the Bucks – young with future Superstars. And it’s the team that Klay’s father played for, and I would bet that the entire city of Los Angeles would be happy to have another Thompson winning championships and starting another Lakers dynasty.

If Klay were to actually leave the Warriors for any of those teams not only would it change his career path, it would change his legacy.