Last night, we were ALL fired up for Durant’s return to OKC, and despite the (not so shocking) victory by Golden State, the Oklahoma City fans did NOT disappoint.

The fans brought their A-game, from the “Cupcake” chants, to the boo’s everytime #35 touched the ball, to the relentless signs – I got to hand it to them, the FANS were the REAL MVP’s last night. Here’s a few of the highlights:

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And the players themselves didn’t disappoint either despite the game never really being in question… The fire and hatred is clearly there, and it is AWESOME. THAT is called competition, not being a cupcake (**cough cough** KD **cough cough**).

One of the better moments last night (again, ignoring the Thunder being in the hole 20 points) was when the Thunder hit a three, Russ & KD began chirping as they walked to their bench during a timeout, and ENES KANTER IN A SUIT gets off the bench chirping like he had anything to do with anything.

I love this. I love the hate. I love the fire. Despite the Warriors simply being over-matched, the Thunder played with pride and a “f you” mentality, EVERYONE – from the players (dressed or not) to the fans made this absolutely must watch basketball.

Probably the best 16-point, “I know who’s going to win” game I’ve watched all year. My hatred for the Warriors is only being fanned… Shout-out to the Thunder fans for that.



Thunder Up,