Nothing like coming home for that first time.

You’re welcomed with arms wide open, your friends and family are all there. They LOVE you. You can do no wrong, homecomings are GREAT. However for Kevin Durant, tonight will be literally NOTHING like that…

ryan reynolds

As he returned to Oklahoma City for his game tonight, Durant had to hire armed guards during his homecoming. He is legitimately scared to be there… and honestly, wouldn’t you be?

When you KNOW you screwed a fan base so badly – wouldn’t you be a little uncomfortable?

I mean, this was no normal breakup. He left a fanbase that LOVED him for the team that just ripped their hearts out the year before. I fully expect Kevin Durant to play scared and I expect on the flipside, Russ to go OFF. I imagine this, but he’ll look this ridiculous on the court for 48 minutes:

dance dancing friday payne russell westbrook

Tonight’s 8:30 game on ABC is bound to be ELECTRIC. Tune in, follow on Twitter. Saturday night NBA is about to get LIT.






*= Yeah, that was a Creed reference. Two in one post, nbd kbd…