Alcohol, one of the 8 Great Man-Made Wonders of the World…, You can find it just about anywhere you go and thank God for that. But, as you probably know, drinking can get a little pricey. So, the question becomes, “how can I ball out on a budget?” Well, you are in luck!

Through extensive research and development, trial and error, and hundreds of faint memories, I have created the ultimate guide in value-based drinks.


1. Rockdale Light
Rockdale Light is bursting onto the scene as Wal-Mart’s exclusive brand of beer. A 24 pack of this liquid gold is on average, $10. It’s hard to beat a cheap beer, but it’s even harder to beat a 24 pack for $10. I know Rockdale is new and goes against all of the craft breweries that are popping up, but that’s what I like about them; they’re going against the grain. Disclaimer- the beer is only 3.4% alcohol but for that price it’s hard to complain.


2. Rum and Coke
This simple yet effective drink is a sure fire way to drink your way through the weekend for a relatively low cost. You can make this with whatever kind of rum you want, but as a personal favorite, a good dose of Admiral Nelson will get you there for very little. Throw some Coke into the mix and you’ve got yourself a kickass drink.


3. Gin and Tonic
An essential to any bar, the Gin and Tonic, (“G & T” as I like to call it), is a go to. Although individually the ingredients of gin and tonic suck, they somehow come together to create one hell of a drink. Also, throw a lime wedge in there if you’re feeling like it.


4. Long Island Iced Tea
There are a lot of ways to go about making your personal Long Island Iced Tea, but it is sure to get you pretty drunk. The Long Island Iced Tea (LIIT) is sure to get you #LIIT. Yeah, I went there. Anyway, the Long Island is made up of vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, lemonade and some Coke. I know I said the drinks were going to be cheap, but if you make a good investment upfront, it will pay off in the long run and last you a while. Make it with your own proportions but equal parts of everything tastes good. Again, throw a lemon in there to jazz it up.


5. Red Bull Vodka
This is just about as self-explanatory as you can get, grab some Red Bull or energy drink equivalent, and grab some Bartons, Recipe 21 or whatever handle of vodka you can get for under $15. From here, mix it how you like it, who am I to judge?

And ya know what, a little bonus for our friends here posting up at the water cooler:


6. Jager Bomb
I will admit upfront, this might not be for everyone. Not everyone likes the flavor of Jager, but similar to the Gin and Tonic, the ends justify the means. With that being said, take a shot of Jager, and drop it in to a nice cup of Red Bull or cheapest knockoff you can find, and chug away. This is not a drink that is meant to be sipped. Get after it.



First Time Writer-Long Time Reader,
Johnny Pasta Sauce


**DISCLAIMER: Water Cooler Sports wants to remind you to drink responsibly and enjoy your weekend… or weekday. We don’t judge.**