Many of you may have tuned in to watch the Grammy’s last night… and yes, my boy Chance fucking killed it! Guy wins two Grammys without being a sellout, with no label backing him and lyrics that aren’t just mumble jumble like many other of today’s rap “icons”. But that’s a story for a different day.

If someone could give me a logical explanation behind the outfit Cee Lo Green came out in, I would love to hear it. Cee Lo has not had much going well for him as of late. The whole cell phone exploding on his ear and a lack of music too following up his one hit wonder “Fuck You” (which by the way is an absolute panty dropper if y’all trying to get a throwback on your rage playlist) has made Cee Lo kinda drop off the face of the earth. People who may follow his bum ass more closely than I do could tell you more about what he’s been up to but I couldn’t give a shit less.


This man dressed up in ALL GOLD. When I say all gold, this included a horrific gold facemask that basically looked like Tony Stark had a little too much fun one day with a can of spray paint on his Iron Man suit. Cee Lo definitely put his fat ass back on the map again with this one. He dressed up like the Bronze Knee Cap. For all of you that may not get that reference the Bronze Knee Cap was a villain from the Fairly Odd Parents. Somewhere the dude who voiced Timmy Turner probably pissed his pants after seeing this debacle.


Not only did Cee Lo look like an ABSOLUTE moron, he proceeded to flip the bird at a few reporters exiting the scene into his low rider convertible. Must’ve been a little CeeHIGH putting that stupid shit on.


CeeLo, if your gunna wear some wild shit like that man, invest in a car with a top over it and some tinted ass windows. Invest in someone to dress your pathetic ass that is supposed to be a role model for younger generations.

Not only was the outfit GOD awful the thought process behind the whole thing was too. What were you going for man? Gold represents wealth potentially but you looked like an ABSOLUTE idiot. Probably got no ass after the Grammys for the way he looked. He looked like a boss you have to face when you get to the final level of a video game or some shit.

I guess the only good to come out of this is the possibility of the media discussing the whole mental breakdown he had and why he wore a Power Ranger morph suit. Maybe a publicity stunt? Get his name out again? Who knows. But that was downright atrocious. If I were his mother or girlfriend or wife and he came out of his bedroom dressed like that it’d be way too hard not to laugh. So kudos to his genius support system for letting him walk the plank of the “internet meme”. A ship sailing straight towards career suicide. Thanks for giving me a laugh CeeLo!



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