Another weekend come and gone too fast… And surrrrre, that all sucks a big fat one. But you know what? I want to remind you all of one thing: you all woke up this morning, this GLORIOUS Monday February 13th, in the greatest country on earth – the U S of A… But we didn’t just “get” to be the greatest overnight. Many people fought to make it that way – from the George Washington’s, to the Martin Luther Kings, to names that we’ll never know because they died fighting to keep us safe and free.

This is a GREAT place to live and it’s important to remember that, and show some respect for that every once in a while.

So, as this is ‘Merica Monday, let’s kick off this week right… Please rise and remove your hats as Metallica performs for us the National Anthem:

Did I love that rendition? Heck no – I NEED WORDS… But guess what? I respect the hell out of it! Metallica is an absolute GOAT in the Rock genre (MERICA) and missing the lyrics is a bummer and all, but kudos to them for changing it up. Put a nice fuckin’ Merican spin on it. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Accepting things for being maybe a littttle different than they supposed to? Probably how a lot of fun bedroom stuff got invented…

jennifer love hewitt just saying im just saying

Diversity is okay people. Respect is the name of the game.



America Above All,