Maybe it’s because I’m someone who appreciates the finer things in life, but I’ve been watching the Westminster Dog Show since I was about eight years old.  You can bet your ass that tonight I’ll pop open a full bodied Pinot Noir, kick my feet up with my own dog and watch the finest groomed dogs in the world march at Madison Square Garden.

Last year, CJ the German Shorthaired Pointer came out with the W.  It really was a gorgeous dog.  Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog ShowAPTOPIX Dog Show

Going into the competition, it’s going to be interesting.  Everyone is annoyed when little froo-froo dogs and poodles win.  Well let me spit some facts at you:  a poodle (miniature or standard) has not won Best In Show since 2002.  A standard poodle hasn’t won since ’91.  Is this the poodle’s year for redemption?  Or maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board and stop shaving them like so they look like assholes.

Beagles have taken two of the last eight Best In Shows which is actually pretty impressive.  Two titles in a ten year span is as close to a dynasty as you’ll get in a dog show.  And no, I’m not just saying that because I have a beagle.  German Shorthaired Pointers also have two Best In Shows in the past ten years so they’ve got a bit of a nice run going on too.

If you like bigger dogs, we’ve had a good streak of big dogs winning over the past decade or so.  Other than the shorthaired pointers, we’ve had a Newfoundland, a Bull Terrier, an English Springer Spaniel, a Fox Terrier and a fucking Scottish Deerhound which is second in size (only to the Irish Wolfhound) win all within the last ten years.  They may not all be “huge” dogs, but they’re definitely not little pussy ass dogs from the Toy Group.

This year?  Well my prediction is a dog from the Herding group wins.  The Herding group has the longest drought out of any group.  The last dog to win out of the Herding group was a German Shepherd in 1988.  The Herders are the Cleveland Indians of the dog show.  I’d keep an eye on the Collie (that’s the “Lassie dog” for you dog novices), the Corgi (Welsh or Pembroke) and the Sheltie (a mini “Lassie dog” if you will).  Also you can never count out the German Shepherd as they’re the defending group champion.

Whatever happens, just make sure you and your pooch saddle up with a full bodied red and watch Fox Sports 1 the next two nights.

PS – One of the most underrated movies of all time is Best In Show.  It’s a mockumentary of people going to a big dog show.  Fred Willard is absolutely electric.  If you like dry humor and dogs, I HIGHLY recommend it.