Everyone remembers where they were on May 28, 2016, better known as the day we lost one of the greats, Harambe.

This was a dreadful time in our nation’s history and many people took this murder to heart. The city of Cincinnati got the most publicity since Chad Ochocinco left the Bengals in 2010. No one was ready for this to happen. People grieved in many different ways. In remembrance, they made signs, they got tattoos and they made shirts, hats and other products. However, this did little to ease the pain.

But today, I had the pleasure of learning about a fellow Silverback Gorilla named Ambam. This gorilla is no normal gorilla; he has the ability to walk upright… Yeah, you heard me.


Look at that swagger. Ambam is the shit and he fucking knows it. We have all seen dogs get trained to walk on their hind legs, but it looks awkward and you know that he’s only doing it to get a treat. Ambam on the other hand straight up learned this shit…The zookeepers said that he just started standing up one day after watching them.

He is changing the gorilla game forever, like his fellow brother.

This video genuinely made my day, and I hope it made yours too.



From Europe with Love,
Johnny Pasta Sauce