Last night, our Syracuse Orange took an “L” but Saturday we’ll bounce back.

Louisville’s performance last night was an absolute gift from the basketball gods for Syracuse. All Syracuse had to do was simply put the ball in the bottom of the net but they just couldn’t do it.

On the flip side, Syracuse’s performance was an absolute gift from the basketball gods for Louisville as well, considering both teams could not play for shit.

Andrew White literally shot the ball from downtown 14 times. 14 TIMES! And only made it twice. Yeah that’s right, TWICE! He was 7 for 24 the whole game. 7 FOR F*CKIN 24?!? If Andrew White had played last night as good as he had been playing for the past 6 games, (raising eyebrows and opening eyes) Syracuse would have demolished Louisville.

(Wait for itttttt…. BAM! Dramatic Pause)

End of dramatic pause. I hate John Gillon, and why the hell did Boeheim sit Battle?

This Syracuse team is competitive and also very, very, VERY underrated. They have displayed multiple times that they are a team made up of resilience and grit. 5 and 2 in the last 7 games is an excellent showing, especially when three of those 7 opponents are nationally ranked ACC college basketball programs and the rest are competitive ACC teams.

Listen, I was not the first to say that the ACC is the most competitive conference in the nation and certainly will not be the last. While Syracuse does sit in 7th place in the ACC, they sit at a great position. Every team that stands ahead of them are nationally ranked teams: UNC, FSU (we beat), Louisville (will beat), Duke (Ass, and will beat), Virginia (Tony Bennett is ass and WE WILL BEAT) and Notre Dame. Also, not to mention we have played 1 to 2 more than all of those teams, which means those standings still have a chance for a little movement.

Although last night was a tough loss, Syracuse is in! Syracuse is not only in the tournament, but is apparently THE place to be! According to U.S. News & World Report’s 100 Best Places to Live in the USA, Syracuse ranks 28th in the nation to live, surpassing Albany and Buffalo! So yeah… come to Syracuse and enjoy this beautiful city buried under 3 feet of snow practically year round. Trust me, the people are great and can drink like fish.



-Shimmy Shimmy Ya