I was lucky enough to attend one of the wildest NCAA basketball contests I have ever seen last night. The Carrier Dome (which if you have never been, I highly recommend you go before you die because it is an AMAZING atmosphere) was ABSOLUTELY ELECTRIFYING BABY!

Pitino and his band of stripper-loving bird men jumped out to an early 28-14 lead. During this stretch, I witnessed three of the most outrageous one handed alley-oop slams I have ever seen in person. Breathtaking to say the least. I’m going to assume that it’s safe to say, at least one of them made SC Top Ten plays. Monix, Jackie Moon and Coffee Black would be so freaking proud.

But as it does many a times in college basketball things turned around for the Orange. Tyler Lydon led a short series of scoring along with some of the phenomenal 2-3 zone defense Jimmy B has mastered, which put the Orange back into it the game. Going into half 29-24.

So now how do you think I feel? I predicted the over (141) to be an ABSOLUTE lock and these two teams couldn’t even muster 60 points… So I did what every other person would do and grabbed an iced cold Bud Light (the actual number consumed is besides the point) accompanied by some loaded nachos and a soft pretzel. I returned to my seat only to feel the climate change. There was a tornado brewing and all I could do was hold on for dear life.

hold on get ready hang on

Pitino and the Cards maintained a steady 4-point lead for a couple of minutes and all of a sudden it became a shoot out. Both teams began trading threes and scoring at will. Syracuse took the lead and the Dome roared with triumph. The thin metal benches in the 316 section became showered in liquid victory as old men lept up with delight. I kept my cool as I watched the story unfold.

Louisville really seemed as if they had the icing on the cake, up 3 with around 50 seconds left. A Louisville big got sent to the line and absolutely burgered 2 free throws that would have put the son of a bitch away. Somehow that relentless crowd mustered up enough noise for him to blow it and give the Orange possession. What happened next was nuts… John Gillon received a pass within the first two seconds of the Orange’s possession, stepped up and drilled a 3 to tie the sucker.

I swear I could see Pitinos neck vein exploding from up in the rafters. I couldn’t believe my luck. Actually, nah, that’s false I called it from the start of the half. Overtime.

The Cards pulled away in OT and were up 5 when fans started to file out. I wanted to stay to witness the 141 hit (which it did) but Louisville was sloppy. They turned the ball over Cuse hits a 3 and it’s a 2 point game again with 12 seconds left. The Cards miss another free throw after an intentional foul and Cuse gets the final possession.

They jack up an ill advised 3 but Tyler Roberson somehow got the board and got fouled going up with it. I’m surprised Pitino didn’t throw a chair at someone. This schmuck Roberson gets to the CHARITY STRIPE with a chance to send it to 2OT and what do you think he does? Blows it. As simple as that. Choke artist. Sent 25,000 fans out the doors with a kick in the nuts.

Amazing game to witness but Roberson, bro, I could have made those. They were FREE for God’s sake. I hope you take a few more in practice you buffoon.

Best of luck making the tournament now because if you don’t pull a win out against Duke next week things are looking dismal.



Orange & Oh So Blue,
Oh Diggity