This headline is so predictable, it’s the most “Kansas City” thing I’ve ever heard.  I honestly don’t think Kansas City is a real place. I think it’s just three 20-story buildings they put up in the middle of Kansas and call it a city. The rest of Kansas is basically just a big wheat farm and people place houses in random spots.

So as ye ole story goes, Royals pitcher Brian Flynn was on the roof of his barn and fell right through it, breaking some ribs and smashing some vertebrae in his back. WILD.

Now this injury shouldn’t be too costly for the Royals, Flynn usually came in relief and had a 1-2 record with a 2.60 ERA and is expected to be out 8 weeks.

I have to kind of feel bad for the guy, I mean he was probably working hard all off-season just to try and make the bullpen, but what the hell is he doing on the roof of his barn?  Putting up a fake owl to scare away the woodpeckers?

I’m also taking away points from him for his shitty barn.  If your barn can’t hold a 240 pound man, how is it supposed to withstand one of those Kansas tornados?  I’m not a barn guy per se, but I got a “barn guy” and he’s like 300 pounds… so riddle me that, Flynn.


Nothing excites me more than dumb injuries, and this is a great one to start off the MLB season.