While some of the WCS team has the pleasure of being Giants Fans, Big Fudge and I have the more difficult task of being Jet fans. Year-in and year-out, JET Life Stadium faithfuls keep coming back – only to be let down year after year. But HEY, there’s always next year… right?

With a potential “Hack Attack” or “Petty Troubles” coming your team’s way next season, my question to the Jets organization is: Why not spice things up? Add a little zest to the receiving core. Could I be inferring what Big Blue fans would despise seeing? The spice I speak of, is that flare of salsa – that of Victor Cruz.

With a young QB and a young receiving core, Victor Cruz could provide the Jets a slot receiver with some veteran knowledge. Cruz could potentially be a wise voice in the locker room that the team (hopefully) would #resp2ct.

As an NFL player, it’s tough to uproot one’s family from a particular area and that comes with the business of free agency and trades. But in this case, Victor Cruz could remain in New York. He could even give himself the opportunity to salsa his way down MIAMI twice a year… you know, the palce that he and that Giants team love oh so much. The best part is it wouldn’t impact playoff hopes… He’d be on the JETS!

New York Giants Boat Party Miami Odell Beckham Victor Cruz.jpg

Let’s get real Jet fans, Eric Decker may have seen better days. Victor Cruz has seemed to rehab from his injury very well and just wasn’t utilized as much anymore with the Giants. I can foresee a short term deal, sort of like a trial run, to give Cruz and his family an opportunity to explore the MUCH BRIGHTER side of New York Football.



Green Means Go,
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