Ok, so going to school in Upstate NY allows you to have the exceptional opportunity of meeting plenty of people from the surrounding areas. At times, us city or “Down-state” folk, have been given descriptions as snooty, entitled, or straight up rude. And I’ll be honest with ya – it’s where we’re from that makes us who we are. I rode a subway to school for 4-years in high school surrounded by animals begging for money or scratching their neck after a week long bender. If I don’t go out of my way to say hello to you or smile, SUE ME! Listen, we have better bagels – that’s a FACT. And yes, the pizza is better. Another FACT.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends! In fact my girlfriend is from the Utica area, so I’m trying to learn and accept. Sometimes I just don’t see eye-to-eye with all the odd little traits and things Up-Staters have and do, but there is a lot to love.

Just to name a few: I’m a YUUUUGE snowboarding guy so the amount of snow they get is fantastic… Riggies! Exceptional stuff. Basically “Penne alla Vodka” but spicier with cherry peppers. Well done… Calzones we have, but not as many. You guys have almost too many places dedicated to those (yet still effective after a long night at Mullrooney’s). Anyway, these are just a few things I wanted to touch on before I got to the meat of the conversation at hand.

Now, I understand you guys love to snowmobile. We don’t tend to have these contraptions down in the city area so I do regard it as a cool thing to do while in Upstate. But the fact that I got an email concerning the amount of FATALITIES from snowmobilers riding over frozen lakes? That concerns me… Bar hopping on a snowmobile sounds fun yet somehow it evades me how riding on frozen ice seems entertaining. Maybe a couple fire trails and some jumps sound cool.

And you may think this may be a little “off” generalizing this to strictly Upstate New Yorkers, but I wasn’t that surprised reading the article from SYRACUSE.com.

Only here would you get a warning to stay off the ice on a snowmobile. As if it isn’t common sense enough to avoid frozen terrain… But you just gotta try it right? I can just imagine little kids daring each other who can go farther out on the ice because they find it funny. Come on son.

Another major problem with this “community” is the fact that they aren’t talking to each other about it. Not one, not two, not three, not four or five, but TEN people have died this year!

Image result for not one not two not three gif

You put me on one of those things and I wouldn’t DARE to go near a frozen body of water. YOU COULDN’T PAY ME! Best of luck to those who keep grinding out there on snow mobiles. Try to avoid the frozen ice because it doesn’t seem to be working out for those that try. Stay classy upstate New York.




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