When you win in New York, you are treasured and remembered forever… Well guess what? Nick Swisher won in New York. He’s a beloved Yankee forever. And today for our New York Sports #WCW, we got Nick Swisher’s unbelievably beautiful wife – JoAnna Garcia.

(For the record, Charles Oakley fell short of winning, maybe that’s why he’s getting the short end of that stick lately)

Garcia may look familiar folks because Joanna has been in basically everything in acting. She starred as “Sam” in Are You Afraid of the Dark? (btw fuck that show, scary as shit), as “Cheyenne” in Reba, as well as “Bree” in a few episodes of Gossip Girl (Wikipedia folks, I didn’t just know this) and that BABE from How I Met Your Mother who Ted claimed was the ideal “Girl Next Door” that always was dating someone…

Whatever, she was in a ton of shit and she’s a total babe. Well done Swish!!

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I have got to hand it to Swisher here… normally when we do this weekly post, it’s REAL easy to find a couple scandalous (or at least bikini) pics of New York’s baes… But Joanna is different. She’s a class act. I was hard-pressed to find anything remotely racy (minus that one random Maxim pic).

Nick, you got yourself a keeper. Keep in mind I say that like he doesn’t know – he’s been married to her for 6 years now with two kids, LOLZ. Well done my man. Loved you in pinstripes way back when, love you now.



From the Big Beautiful Apple,