Over the past few years, there’s been rumblings of college basketball moving to quarters instead of halves.  I believe now with women’s college hoops going to quarters, that the men’s college game is the only level of basketball that still uses halves.  I personally have no strong feeling one way or another about going from halves to quarters.  I suppose quarters would make more sense since literally every other level of basketball is played that way, but it doesn’t really matter to me either way.  They’d probably just make the quarters 10 minutes so the game would still be 40 minutes.  Even now, they have the under 10 TV timeouts so essentially they’re cutting the halves in half already.  

Well it looks like the NCAA is going to make moves towards quarters by trying out a new rule in the NIT tourney this year.   This year, NIT tournament this year will be trying out a new rule in which fouls will reset every ten minutes.  They aren’t going to full quarters , but at 9:59 left in the first and second half, fouls will reset to zero.  To me, that rule seems odd.  Why not just do four ten minute quarters and reset instead of resetting fouls on the fly?  Again, odd rule change, but okay.  Try it out in the NIT where nothing really matters anyways.

I guess resetting the fouls every ten minutes isn’t a huge deal.  I mean if I were in charge I would first say “hey let’s do quarters” and then “hey let’s reset fouls at the beginning of each quarter” instead of “hey let’s reset fouls at the end of each imaginary quarter” but that’s just me.  I don’t think it’s a huge deal and might even make the games go a little faster so whatever, it’s fine.  

HOWEVA, (Stephen A Smith voice) it’s not all fine.  The rule change is also affecting the one-and-one.  And by “affecting” I mean “eliminating.”  That’s right, there will be no one-and-one in the NIT tournament.  Along with the fouls resetting every ten minutes, on the team’s fifth foul, the other team will go straight to the double bonus.  No more one-and-one.  

I hate it.  HATE it.  The one-and-one is one of the best parts of the game of basketball in my opinion.  There’s so much pressure on that first shot and it’s an absolutely vital part to crunch time strategy.  Eliminating it eliminates a really unique and exciting play in basketball.  I’m really not sure what the thought process is to get rid of the one-and-one, but they’ve already banished it from the women’s game and if the NCAA likes what it sees, it could very well be eliminated from the men’s game.  It’s not like the game goes faster going straight to the bonus.  If you want to do the reset thing, why not say one-and-one at four fouls and then double bonus at seven?  

I’m really not a purist in anything, but I really do think that getting rid of the one-and-one is a bad idea and could potentially have a huge affect on games.  If the rule is implemented league wide in the next couple years, I could see a lot of unhappy people and a lot of fans might be going one and done from watching college hoops (nailed it).