via – Fox News

So if you watched this video you will know that good ol Preston Kelley texted his grandmother saying he had been kidnapped and was being held in the woods somewhere in Tennessee. Grams needed to send him $1000 or else the people holding him hostage would kill him. He even sent a photo of himself beaten. Gram was like “No, I’m calling the police” like any old women would naturally do. Police investigate and turns out this guy wasn’t even in Tennessee; now he’s being charged with first degree extortion and could face 20 years…….WHAT AN IDIOT.

This to me, is just CLASSIC Alabama backwoods bullshit. I mean…does this look like the face of a man important enough to be held for ransom from anyone, let alone his grandmother.


He also must have had no one better to try this on than his grandma, no rich uncle, or maybe his mom/dad… idk his family history so I won’t go there. I’m sure his grandma is as sweet as I hope she is. She immediately didn’t fall for her grandson’s trick and called the police.

Reading about stuff like this makes me so angry. Are all the good criminals gone? Are there no more smart, cleaver, or organized menaces to society? Are the John Gottis and Pablo Escobars of the organized crime world gone???? (I’m sure they are still out there… not trying to rile up any drug or mob lords) But this guy just makes me sad. First off, you can’t trick your grandparents. I don’t care how old or senile you THINK they are, they know when you’re up to something. They are wise, not smart, and there’s a big difference; they have also been around the block. Secondly, this moron used his own phone to communicate to her. The second his grandma got a text like that from his own phone number she probably thought to herself, “Hm, I wonder why he’s allowed to have his phone? Usually prisoners or hostages aren’t allowed any form of communication.” He, also only asked for $1000 dollars…. ONE THOUSAND. If I got kidnapped and the perps who snagged me asked for $1000 I would legitimately be offended. Preston’s grandmother probably felt they were low balling her so she didn’t even waste her time.

I give this guy a 1 out of 10 on my scale of criminal. Just piss poor effort to get $1000 dollars. Just go hold up your local gas station next time Preston.