I by no means am a Mets fan. In fact I despise them but respect their work as an organization. It’s just that something called me to comment on the new sign the Phillies have put in their Stadium: “Ya Gotta Believe”…

This is a classic case of “YOU HATE EM, CAUSE YOU AIN’T EM!”

I know you have suffered over the past few years Philly, but this is a step too low. You can’t copy a teams creedo. It just shows weakness. But to copy your division rivals catch phrase? WEAK FREAKIN SAUCE! “Ya gotta believe” Philly? More like “YOU GOTTA FIGURE IT OUT”! Somewhere Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins are just shaking there damn heads… What a disgrace!!

I’m not trusting this Philadelphian process. Actually the closest thing to decency this city is bringing about (besides their delicious cheese-steaks) is the 76ers and that’s saying something. Right now, Phillies fans should probably trust their organization as much as they would giving Chip Kelly free reign over the Eagles again. I mean, copying the Mets? That is some great goal orientation – copy the team that lost the world series 2 years ago and was in the playoffs this year.

Big RAGRET Philly!




Can’t Trust that Philly Process,
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