Better video/article via –  local Utah Fox News

Taylee Smith probably just experienced one of the greatest moments of her life last night. That split when she came out of the tunnel, first player on the court for tipoff, the first player to score, the crowd going nuts for her, got subbed in again and scored again, and was handed the Regional Championship plaque. Taylee, before getting subbed in again, said to the coach that she wanted to get in again. She wanted the rock and wanted to score again for her team. This video really got my day off to a great start. Every time I see videos like this it always makes me feel ‘some-type-of-way’ and always in a good way. Videos like this will NEVER get old. I think the best part about something like this happening is the crowd going crazy. Trust me, there aren’t many feeling you can compare to the feeling you get when you’re on the field or the court and your hometown crowd is going crazy for you and your team. Awesome stuff Springville High School, BRING THAT STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HOME. I know Taylee will do everything she can to make sure they do.