Today, Pepsi announced that they’re in the works on making an “Uncle Drew” movie, and I hope it’s the biggest flop of all time. I know for a fact right now that the only people who will see this movie is the city of Cleveland.  I’m pretty sure like 2 Million people live in Cleveland, so I take that back —  no way 2 thousand people are seeing this movie, let alone 2 million.

Now let’s just get straight, I love Kyrie Irving.  He is no question the best point guard in the NBA and easily the most entertaining to watch.  He’s literally the Flubber of the NBA.  He can get slide through anyone and anything, while dropping 37 with 20 assists.  In a league where a “scoring point guard” catches and shoots 22 threes a game, Kyrie is able to keep to the true nature of a point guard, while still dropping a billion on your starters.  

I also love the “Uncle Drew” commercials.  When the first one dropped it was one of my go to videos on Youtube, easy.  Kyrie plays a great “Uncle Drew” but do we really need a feature film about this guy? No.  There’s a 20 minute video of all of the commercials on Youtube and that’s all we need, Pepsi.

I can’t believe Kyrie actually wants to film this movie.  You can argue that he’s following in the footsteps of LeBron and pursuing a movie career.  BULLLLSHIT.  I know for a fact Pepsi has Kyrie on some diabolical contract where he was forced into this crap and this statement proves it, “Irving’s representation first sought to trademark “Uncle Drew” in 2012, but Pepsi wanted to own the character as well. The two sides, sources said, amicably agreed that neither would own the name. But as Pepsi started to think of Uncle Drew as something bigger, Irving’s team gave Pepsi the go-ahead to own the character.” -ESPN.  

KYRIE RUN.  YOU’RE ABOUT TO RUIN YOUR CAREER.  Remember when Geico tried to make the caveman commercial into a TV show?  Probably not, because it was dropped within a month of airing. Don’t turn a commerical into anything other than a commercial.  Promote your product and let me watch an old man play pick up for five minutes.  

If you really want to watch an Uncle Drew movie, here are all the episodes in Youtube clip: