DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins is a very vocal player in the NBA today. Whether it’s arguing with a ref until he gets a technical foul, or yelling profanities at opposing fans after a big win, Boogie is a character on the court. It’s his style of character that brings me to this question: is Boogie the most ignorant player in the NBA?

Many say yes because he leads the league in technical fouls and he is already one away from being suspended. But Boogie can’t catch a break sometimes. He’s a huge target for refs because he doesn’t agree with every decision they make during a game and sometimes he has to keep his mouth shut. But it’s not like he’s the only one on the court arguing calls game after game. He’s just the only one taking punishment for doing so and it really is absurd at times.

Regardless, there is definitely someone in the NBA who is more ignorant than Boogie. This guy is a complete scumbag to be honest and his name is Draymond Green.


Draymond makes a legitimate case for the leagues most ignorant player. Some say ignorance is bliss but Draymond’s style of ignorance is downright annoying to the point where saying “fuck you Draymond” is the only statement you can say when the Warriors are playing on ESPN.

Draymond is one of the NBA’s top tier defensive players and one who is a very loud voice on many social affairs. He loves to say and do all the wrong things, all the time.

Starting in June of 2015 after the NBA finals, he had a post finals interview that included the appearance of Klay Thompson by his side and Draymond decided it was a good moment to disrespect the entire Cavaliers organization after a hard fought series. Don’t get me wrong, his team won so he can talk shit, but in the interview you can tell that Draymond’s words don’t sit well with the reporter, or even with Klay by their facial expressions.

Let’s fast forward to next season, he must have thought that he had a big enough name in the NBA to get foul calls like Lebron and Durant, so Draymond took it upon himself to start flailing his arms and legs to see if he could get those foul calls. Draymond started kicking multiple players below the belt with his leg kicks, as well as hitting multiple players in the face with his arms and then after the foul call would go his opponents way, he would act like he was a god damn saint on the basketball court and that the ref was delusional!

Draymond, you’re an ignorant moron and I’m not gonna stop at what you did last year… No, you’re not getting off that easy asshole. Last night, you made comments that the Knicks’ owner, James Dolan, has a “slave master mentality.”

Now, James Dolan is not the greatest owner of all time, and the events last week with Charles Oakley were nonsense… but don’t make a ridiculous statement like that ever again Draymond. I don’t care what ethnic or religious background you have. When you are in an executive position like James Dolan and someone makes a statement like that, you don’t respond sympathetically to it. Why? Because that’s a matter of someone not liking you, it’s NOT racism.

Draymond, congratulations, you’re the most ignorant player in the NBA and you’re going to ruin the league with unnecessary comments like that as well as ruin your family’s name and your team’s morale. Wake up.