Today started like any other. I wake up, shower, drive to the train station, hop on the PATH and take the train into the Big Apple. On said train, I open up the ol’ Twitter machine and…?


This can’t… no way… did we just…

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Now I know that the Knicks have successfully created dumpster fire (Rose goes AWOL), after dumpster fire (Phil cryptically saying Melo sucks), after dumpster fire (Dolan kicks out Oakley) this year… But despite Phil Jackson getting absolutely shit on for sucking at his job, he did bring us KP, he I did see the talent in Hernangomez, and he did see the talent and sign undrafted free agent Ron Baker (who I arguably  will love more than my firstborn child).

If he finds a way to trade Noah and get out from under his hot GARBAGE of a contract, that could arguably make Phil the executive of the year.

I don’t know how Phil could do it, but if he does I am all about trusting the process.

And if this was all a joke and Noah is still on the team after the trade deadline, then I’ll just continue to hope Noah becomes a completely different player in the 2nd half of the second (i.e. a “good one) as we push to make the 8-seed in the playoffs… which we are only 4 games out of… somehow.



Build the Arc and Get Out Noah,