So yesterday was the day Michael Floyd’s court case on his DUI was decided. He pled guilty to a charge of second offense extreme DUI .15-.19, while six other charges, including one of extreme DUI equal or greater than .20, were dropped. He was sentenced to 120 days in jail, of which he has to serve 24, more than $5,000 in fines and fees, an alcohol education program and 30 hours of community service. Floyd was arrested on Dec. 12 after he was found unconscious behind the wheel of his running SUV in Scottsdale. His BAC that night was .217.


Alright granted this is an awful situation and the man put innocent lives in danger when he got behind the wheel of that car, but could it have gone any better for this guy? Ok, ok, ok… 24 days in prison? Shitty. 5,000 in fines and fees? Nothing to this guy. Lawyer fees? Ok, probably expensive… But does this all compare to winning a Super Bowl? I think not. If I had to spend 24 days in prison for a Super bowl ring I probably would to be completely honest.

This man’s life long football career goal was completed. He was given the chance of a lifetime by that sly bastard Belichick. The Pats signed him and that was it. The guy wins a super bowl. End of story. Absolutely unreal luck. Things could have ended up A LOT worse for this idiot. YUUUUGE Notre Dame fan so I’m honestly happy for him. But I hate the Patriots so I hope he learns something in prison ;).



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