On the 2nd Taking Care of Business podcast, Slick Willy, Mac & Taylor had the genius idea of doing a blind light beer taste test to really see if anyone can tell the difference between light beers… Our results may (and should) shock you. Without further ado, the video:

To have the winner at 50% is just piss poor. But I can honestly say they all basically tasted the same… with the exception of Genny Light. That, of course, tasted MUCH different (like someone had blown a cigarette into my beer for 10 minutes right before canning the liquid so the smokey flavor really seeped in).

Regardless, you could hear Producer Tim and Taylor say in the beginning – every dick that announces at a party “OMG, you got Keystone/Natty!? That beer sucks!” can go eat a dong because they literally all taste the same out of a solo cup.

You don’t believe it? Test us. Go down to your local Nice N’ Easy, get a bunch of different beers and try it for yourself.



The First of Many Water Cooler Video Productions,
Mac, Taylor and Slick Willy




**SPONSOR SHOUTOUT: Thanks to Nice N’ Easy grocery shoppes for providing us with these exceptional beverages. We can always count on you whether it’s 2pm on a Tuesday or 1:30am on Friday night, you’re always there for us. We love you. Stay sleazy.**