The internet works in mysterious ways, far beyond what I could ever imagine. It makes people much funnier than they actually are (including myself). The internet loves to take things that are more ridiculous than funny, and blow them wildly out of proportion. And that is exactly what happened with the “How Bout Dah” girl. To be completely honest, I have no idea what is really going on here. I don’t know too much about whatever the video is. But I know that she was on Dr. Phil and she is crazy.

As a result of her time on Dr. Phil, she had hundreds of memes made about her, shooting her right into her 15 minutes of fame. But now, 15 minutes has turned to 20 minutes and I’m sick of it. Kodak Black just released a new song called “Everything 1K” and it is starring this chick, Danielle Bregoli.

I mean I know at this point your probably saying “you’re just furthering her 15 minutes,” but when you make a song so pathetic and so bad in general, I have to say something. So Kodak, as someone from Rochester, NY, where Kodak was founded, please: just stop.

If you want to kill your eardrums for 2 minutes and 7 seconds, feel free to here, but I suggest you don’t:



Johnny Pasta Sauce