Nick Swisher has officially retired from Major League Baseball. He announced his retirement just a few hours ago in a long article on the Player’s Tribune – a site where athletes can post themselves. Either way, the guy just wrote a novel announcing that he is finally done with baseball. He has been an icon in the MLB for the past 12 years and if you say his name, everyone knows who you’re talking about. LEGEND.


Swisher played for the A’s, White Sox, Yankees, Indians and Braves. His career spanned a total of 12 years. During that time he was known to be a slugger, a great outfielder, and an even better guy. In one of his first games as a Yankee, they were down 15-5 to Tampa Bay. Joe Girardi didn’t have anyone he wanted to pitch, so he looked around and found Swisher. Eager to accept the task, he said yes. Little did Girardi know, Swisher hadn’t pitched since freshman year of high school. BUT, he still has the lowest possible ERA of 0.00. That’s right, one up, one down.

Over his 12 year career, Swisher had a batting average of .249, an on base percentage of .351 and a slugging percentage of .447. Those are some pretty impressive numbers for a dozen years in the Major Leagues. Swisher got a hit in 87.6% of the games that he played in. That is a pretty incredible stat. That tells you that this man did not get slumps.


Overall, the MLB is losing not only a great player, but a great personality. His enthusiasm over the years has made him a great player to watch. And I am a Red Sox fan, so there isn’t any real bias here.

Nick is a family man and has been playing softball in his free time, absolutely tearing it up of course. On top of that, the guy has already been swimming with sharks. You could say that that is jumping into retirement. He has been winning at life for a while now and it doesn’t look like its going to stop any time soon.

Enjoy Nick.


Also I’m not a usually a red head guy, but good work with your wife JoAnna Garcia… Two thumbs up.



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