While change can suck, oftentimes it is a necessary evil. For example, we used to have Beer Pong as the 2nd round of BeerFest and it literally was like 3 hours longer than it currently is. The powers that be decided that needed to change, and as we are reasonable people here on the committee, we made the tough change of switching Flip Cup and Beer Pong. We saved hours on end and everyone was happy.

This past weekend, as the committee drank for 12 straight hours on Saturday and blacked out hard sat down for its annual review of competition and gamesmanship at Lake Sacandaga, we believe a great change was made.

Change We Can Believe In Taylor.jpg

For a long time we’ve had an issue with our 4th place game in the loser bracket. Historically it has been the “40 Hand” round, and for one brief year it was the “Shotgun Relay“. However, both events had their downfalls.

40 Hand” was where all four players of each team had a 40 oz beer and the first team with a player to finish wins. “You’re only as good as your fastest chugger” was the slogan… Simple enough. The issue here was that if this team continued to make it to Daas Boot, that chugger would have downed like 7 beers in about 30 minutes, after an entire day of boozing. Not the best idea arguably.

Shotgun Relay” was simply a best of 5 format head to head shotgunning race. First to finish their shotgun won. It seemed pretty simple. Until you think about how much people typically spill during shotguns. How do you penalize that? It was tough. That was a one and done event.

This year… The rule change we made to get rid of both these problems…



Beerio Kart finally made its way to the tournament!! The rules are pretty simple, we will race a single track in Mario Kart on an N64 (determined by a coin toss), with each team selecting two of its teammates to participate. Each racer will have a full beer in front of them that before the race is over, they will have to have finished. If a racer has any beer left in that cup when they cross the finish line – immediate DQ. The race will occur on the TV in the attic offering an INCREDIBLE viewing experience for everyone.

Oh, and no drinking and driving! You can’t hit the gas pedal while drinking or you’re DQ’ed.

Now, the winner of the coin toss can elect to pick the track, OR have first pick of the drivers. If you elect to chose the track, the other team will have the first selection of driver’s, your team gets 2nd, they get 3rd, you get 4th.

Any other rules I’m not thinking of will be determined by the commissioner. If Lourde Taylor is in the game, we will defer to DJ RD, and if both DJ RD and Taylor are in the race, then we’ll defer to our CTO and former 3-time champion Hass-dawg.



46 Days,
The Commissioner