Steve Irwin was a global icon. He was known for his incredible love for animals and the environment, as well as his crazy enthusiasm for life.


As a kid, I watched Crocodile Hunter religiously on Animal Planet. I was obsessed with this guy and his show. I mean, I made my older sisters play a version of a crocodile hunting game. I’m serious when I say I loved this man and his show.

Here is one of my favorite Steve moments – he gets bit by a snake but takes it like a champ:

And, earlier today I found a video from a Jimmy Fallon episode one or two days ago, I don’t honestly know when, buuut what I do know is that his son, Robert Irwin, is a spitting image of his dad. The video genuinely made my day a little better. The kid is the man and is probably killing it with the ladies.


At first I thought this kid was just trying to copy who his dad was. But then I realized that he was never old enough to really get to know his dad. This, as we all know, was due to a tragic stingray diving accident caused by Steve’s cameraman. Although I won’t really ever get over the fact that the cameraman killed Steve, seeing his son Robert act the way he did made me realize this guy is absolutely going to crush the animal game, and hopefully Make Animal Planet Great Again.

#MakeAnimalPlanetGreatAgain #MAPGA #RIPSteve

If what I said above doesn’t convince you, this video should… Robert Irwin is the man!



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