Dustin Johnson, who has been a household name in golf for quite some time now and raging coke-head, has officially reached the top. Since the inception of the World Golf Rankings in 1986, there have only been twenty #1 ranked players. Of course, you can guess who has the most weeks at number one” Tiger Woods. Woods, the best golfer of all time, spent 683 weeks at the top of the list.

Since March 27, 2016, Jason Day was the #1 golfer in the world – that was until the latest rankings came out putting DJ on top. Those rankings come on the heels of Johnson winning the Genesis Open.

One of the best parts about him being the best in the world, he didn’t even really care. He was asked what it felt like to be the best, and he responded that he was more hyped for winning the tournament than any sort of ranking.


Dude just became the best in the world and shrugged it off like it was no big deal. That’s what makes Dustin Johnson the man. Only 19 other guys around the world can say that at some point they were “the best golfers in the world” and Dustin is just kinda like, “It’s cool.” That is a guy who doesn’t have a big head. Later, when asked about the added attention he responded, “I’ve only been No. 1 for about 30 minutes. Ask me in a couple weeks.”

Here is a recap of the tournament that put him on top:

Side-piece notes: The man is a not only a beast of a golfer, but a total bro. He used to be engaged to Paulina Gretzky, but is now dating Alli Mackenzie. I don’t really know what’s going on there, he evidently cheated on Paulina while they were engaged but she is pretty damn attractive… On the other wide, Alli used to be married to Will Mackenzie who is ranked 138 overall, sooo she made a nice little jump up to number 1.



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