So Boogie goes to the NOLA… STEAL and a HALF. The Kings organization just accepted a trade that will make them non contenders for probably the next 15 years. The Pelicans on the other hand just upped their stock with this move. Expect them to make a run in the postseason in the near future. I honestly think they just need one more piece and they will be elite.

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Regardless, I want to talk about what is happening in today’s NBA. LeBron James started this whole trend when he “took his talents to South Beach”. By that, I mean superstars joined forces in order to win a championship. Look, I have no problem with this. These guys are earning a living trying to achieve a goal they probably have had since age 4. But, for the competitive balance of the NBA, things are just spiraling downward. I guess I have a very pessimistic approach to these types of things but, realistically, am I wrong?

The Warriors are a “superteam”; the Cavs have a “big three”; the Spurs are a dominant force. All three will be making the playoffs for the next 10 years at least. The Celtics, Wizards, Grizzlies and Heat are all on the rise. But the bottom half of this league is absolutely ATROCIOUS! Inform me the next time Sacramento, the Nets, Lakers, Magic, Hornets, Knicks, and/or Suns will be a serious contender? I’d love to hear it! The NBA leads the United States in the least competitively balanced league. And what’s there to be done about it? I could almost guarantee the Cavs, Warriors, and/or Spurs will win the championship for the next 5-10 years. Actually, check that – put my house on one of those 3 winning the title each of the next 5 years.

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Is it fair to the majority of the population interested in basketball? The NBA is considered atop the hierarchy of basketball leagues across the globe and yet it just doesn’t seem interesting until the Finals come around, or the 7 teams above play each other.

Adam Silver, you need to figure it out man. It’s getting hard to watch the poor Nets get ABSOLUTELY murked by the Cavs every time they play. Or even the Magic getting romped by everyone they come into contact with. I get there are some rules you have in place but what we’re watching is just ass in my opinion.



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