Gotta love this move from New York’s favorite unicorn Kristaps Porzingis (see the comments)…


Nothing smoother than a 7’3″ Latvian god just giving the “I see you” eyes to a complete smokeshow in Abigail Ratchford.

I mean, my personal opinion is that he took this out of the JR Smith playbook:

JR Smith You Trying to Get the Pipe Shooters Shoot.jpg

There must be something within the New York Knicks organization that gives you immediately the most ELITE game on planet Earth.

L. O. L!!!

But honestly, Ratchford responding is what I like to see. Shooters shoot and KP took this 3 pointer with no shame from WAY downtown and…? SWISH!!

Abigail gives him the eyes right back with a kiss emoji?!

oh shit


I’m not into bestiality but Abigail Ratchford and the Latvian unicorn?? I could get into that.



Shooters Keep Shootin’,