Some surprising news in the world of Basketball. The NBA Developmental League (formerly known as the “D-League” for obvious reasons) has been bought out. By who you may ask? Who would waste their time on a league that is getting less attention then our boy Jimmer in China? Gatorade!!!!

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Oddly enough, Gatorade plans on implementing their testing with athletes in the league. “This is about sports nutrition, this is sports fuel and future innovation that is accessible to athletes everywhere,” said Brett O’Brien, senior vice president and general manager of Gatorade. “To test it on court and put it in locker rooms and see how it is helping athletes and what their reactions are goes a long way for us to turn around and educate future consumers. We get all that.”

So I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say this is a big waste of time. Unless Gatorade starts showing videos of players hooked up to Gatorade infused treadmills (like the ones the Germans used in BeerFest) people are still NOT interested in the D-League!!!! Whoop *G-League, my bad!

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What makes them think people are going to tune in to watch a bunch of no names or has been’s? I’m not really certain what Gatorade’s plan was here but I don’t like the move. They are better off buying into the Chinese Basketball Association and just knocking it out of the park in Asia.

I’m assuming a majority of the reason this move was made is because of the deal they probably got. The D-League HAAAAAAD to be dropping in value. The claim is that it really isn’t though, which really surprises me.

“Today, the D-league is flourishing, thanks to the increasing number of NBA teams snapping up franchises for player development. Next year, the league will expand from 22 teams to 25 teams, with 20 owned and operated by NBA teams as the D-League nears its target of 30 teams for each of the NBA’s 30 franchises.” This was mentioned in an article in Sports Business Daily’s article on the matter.

Eh… I guess we will see how this plays out. I think it’s a big waste of money but I guess ya never know.



G-League – is it in you?
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