FUCK DUKE. I respect the hell out of Coach K, but FUCK DUKE.

If you watched the game last night, and you still think that Cuse is not a legit threat then you are an absolute idiot my friend. That is now 3 wins over 3 different top ten nationally ranked teams. The Carrier Dome’s magic continued last night as John Gillon cashed in 3 LARGE ones at the bank. He said, and I quote, “The Bank of Syracuse is always open.”

Also, I want to add that John Gillon might be the most confusing Syracuse basketball player ever. One game he will have 10 turnovers and 5 points, then the next he’ll have 26 points and a game-winning running three point bank shot. Through my own basketball experiences, I can honestly tell you that losing a game in the final seconds is one of the worst feelings, BUT losing by a three point bank shot in the final seconds IS THE WORST FEELING and to tell you the truth, I couldn’t be any happier that it happened to Duke, especially when it was homemade and handcrafted by Cuse.

Just say it with me, FUCK DUKE.

Go Cuse Fuck Duke.jpg

In my opinion, I think whenever Syracuse beats Duke or even when any team beats Duke, the next day should be a national holiday.

In the words of our beloved President, last nights win was YUGE.

Fellow Water Cooler Sports blogger Slick Willy and I were in rare form last night and completely mangled at local Syracuse establishment Chuck’s and I actually had to re-watch the entire game this morning because the last thing I remembered was the 10 Jameson shots. Syracuse is in. Fuck Duke


Dick Vitale Can Suck It,
Shimmy Shimmy Ya