Yesterday, the Rochester Red Wings, the AAA affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, just dropped an absolutely wild commercial. Opening day is April 9th and the Red Wings have made a promise.

WCS_Red Wings.png

Dan Mason, the GM of the team has been trying to predict the temp on opening day for the past two years. However, he has been wrong for the past two years. Still, that didn’t stop him this year, he came back with another promise.

He invoked the help of local news meteorologists all around the city to help teach him how to predict the temperature a little bit better. His prediction? 50 degrees… He did such a bad job he even got cursed out by one of the weathermen.

Naturally, I am the man when it comes to weather. So I’m guessing 69. History says otherwise but, we’ll see.


Personally I doubt it. But there’s a pretty good reward for the people that show up…First 1,500 fans get a dope winter trappers hat.

Here is the full commercial:

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