Soooooo, not sure how this brand name was intended but…

I recently learned that Billy Currington owns a coconut water company, and I was like, “Huh, that’s pretty smart… Make some money off those morons who will buy coconut water and pretend it’s better for them then regular water.”

Then I heard the name of the company, and realized I not only need to order as many boxes of this stuff as humanly possible, but also need to buy stock in this company… The name?


Now, if I know America – and I’m pretty sure I do – people will buy this for the LOLZ factor alone. Forget whether the product is good or not… Forget that the can clearly FUCKS… Forget that Billy Currington is the spokesman… This is a “Must Buy” for the sheer comedy, I don’t care WHO you are.

Step aside all other coconut water companies in the game (all two of you), WETT has entered the market, and you’re about to get served.



I Know I’m Wett,