Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut are going to become Cleveland Cavaliers soon. Sources are telling me this (actually no one told me that but…) – you heard it here first on Water Cooler Sports.

Andrew Bogut Deron Williams Cleveland Cavaliers.jpg


This further solidifies that the Warriors will play the Cavs in the finals for the 3rd straight year.

THAT is boring as hell.

There is almost no guesswork now as to which teams will square off for the title since we have all the good players aligning on two teams, taking the easiest route to that title.

It literally gets to a point where you just say, “What’s the point of even watching?”

Regular season games mean next to nothing, playoff games are exciting in that MAYBE the opposition will win a game or two, but we know the outcome.

Congratulations to fartsniffers like LeBron and Durant for ruining the NBA.You are the worst.



Reverse Jinxing that #8 Over #1 Seed in the East,