Who can forget the Miss Universe competition of 2015 when Steve Harvey absolutely blew it and announced Miss Colombia as the winner of the competition instead of Miss Philippines. It was a moment that stuck with everyone, even though most people don’t watch the Miss Universe competition. But, Steve Harvey is the man so he ended up owning it like a boss, and everyone forgave him and was just kind of like “shit happens.”


But, last night at the Oscars, we had another mix up. Faye Dunway announced that the movie “La La Land” had won Best Picture. Buuuuuuut, that wasn’t the case,  “Moonlight” had won Best Picture. This time it wasn’t on the person announcing. Whoever was back stage handed them the wrong card. So basically the Oscars are rigged. There were probably thousands of fraudulent votes that were cast, many of them done illegally.

In a surprising twist, the actual winners, the cast of “Moonlight,” are launching an investigation to get to the bottom of this mysterious win and voter fraud. In an interview after the Oscars the cast stated “We just really want to know why we won, and we kind of want to rub it in that we won, so we are going to drag this out as long as possible.”

No one really expected that response but I guess I can’t blame them for wanting to be thorough.

The music producer of the losing “La La Land” came out and was like, “Yo we lost, “Moonlight,” you won.” The dude handled it like a real man. They lost and they admitted it. Props to you. Check it out here:


As someone who didn’t see any of these movies, I really don’t care who the real winner is. I just want it to be definitive.

Figure it out.