The minute I had heard about this Boogie trade, I thought to myself that I really liked this trade for the Kings. They rid themselves of a cancer, they get Buddy Hield and they get some draft picks for a player who POTENTIALLY could walk  away from the team this summer.

What the fuck Taylor? Are you an idiot? EVERYONE on the planet has said that the Kings got trade raped and this is going to set them back years… Boogie is a superstar! He was just stuck on a shitty team!

Well guys, newsflash, the Pelicans are 0-3 since the trade and DeMarcus Cousins earned a suspension already for his 18th technical foul of the season… so you can all shove it.

Now, I get this trade wasn’t about THIS YEAR. Neither of these teams were in title contention in 2017 (because the NBA sucks in that sense), but you can’t feel warm and fuzzy as a New Orleans fan (or just casual supporter even) after this start to the Boogie era. After this trade, you probably thought you had landed yourself a superstar (because that’s what ESPN told you), assuming all his problems were specific to the shitty Kings franchise he came from – not Cousins himself… nailed it!!

Okay, the reason I bring this trade up today wasn’t to just throw it in everyone’s face that I was right about this trade, as we’re only a few short days in and it hasn’t worked out for the Pelicans. No, the reason I bring it up was because Vlade Divac, the mastermind behind this trade from the Sacramento side, has basically put his nuts on the table and said if the Kings aren’t better off in two years because of this trade – he’ll quit.

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Guys, I love the confidence in himself. If you can’t bet on yourself then what the fuck are you even doing here?!

As we all know, Vlade is a mix between a gas station attendant and that Eastern European, bad guy from every action movie you’ve ever seen who rolls his own cigarettes, of which he smokes 20+ of everyday.

This move is just so Macho Man Randy Savage that I have to respect it. He truly believes what he did was right, and if he’s wrong, he’ll quit and walk away from millions of dollars.

Vlade, I respect the shit out of you. I loved you on those Kings teams with C-Webb, Bibby and Peja, and I love you now. Keep doing you buddy.

The following imagery is all in your honor…


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