I love myself some college lacrosse. It’s fast paced, played with metal sticks you can beat each other with and it was made by the Native Americans – what’s not to love?!

Here are my February’s Top Five Power Rankings, sleepers who could make a push later and games to watch…

Top 5 Power Rankings

1. Maryland (4-0): An overrated number one. The only reasonable team they played thus far is Navy and the Midshipmen dropped 12 on them. Yale also scored 11 on the Terps showing some holes in the defense. If Maryland wants to stay on top they need to stay undefeated with a weak schedule. That being said, Matt Rambo with an electric last name and Colin Heacock with flow from Zeus himself (see below) make a powerful attack line. These boys will have to score in heaps to keep themselves relevant.

Colin Heacock maryland.jpg

2. Denver (4-0): Ever since Bill Tierney left Princeton for the Pioneers, this squad of mountain men have become the rock of western lacrosse. Known for a sturdy D (wink wink), Denver should remain in the Top 5 all year. Also playing with a relatively easy schedule, Denver should be fresh come Memorial Day weekend.

3. John’s Hopkins (4-0): The only classic “lacrosse school” in the Top 5. Being a real team with history, they have a stern schedule. They had a great win against Loyola and basically destroying the rest of the Baltimore competition, I like these guys. I hate the ridiculous fight song they play after every goal (with about 15 goals a game, it’s played constantly) but I like these guys. If they ended the year with 3 losses I’d still take them to go far in the playoffs.


4. Notre Dame (2-0): Go Irish, the Fighting Irish will have black and blues by the time Memorial Day comes around BUT, they will be there. This weekend they travel to Denver and we’ll see the grit they have. Whoever wins that game becomes king of the west and title favorites as far as I’m concerned.

5. Penn State (4-0): Joke. The Nittany Lions will have a good record until they play real teams in April. Not even gonna waste time here talking about them cause they’ll be gone.


Teams to Watch: Syracuse, Loyola, Duke, Yale

All great schools on the bubble. Syracuse always makes a late run. Loyola needs to bounce back after their loss to Hopkins. Duke has a difficult schedule, hopefully early losses wake up the Blue Devils. Don’t know much about Yale but I have high hopes.

Underrated Opponents: Rutgers, Army

Rutgers doesn’t get the “cream of the crop” players but rather guys who will do whatever for the win. Army, I mean it’s the Army. Well disciplined and know their role. Big win against Cuse and will have some momentum.

Games to Watch

Must See Games: Literally anyone versus Notre Dame (so Maryland, Denver, Virginia, Ohio). Honestly, it’s just a wild month for the Irish.

ND lax.JPG

That’ll do it for the first time lax talk on the site. Hoping for many, MANY more to come.



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