Count her out. I dare you.

Kirstin Cutts is absolutely putting the Jeopardy world on notice. To say what she’s doing is legendary is simply not enough. What she just did tonight was a thing of beauty.

From even before she could utter the words “In Abentia for Two”, Kirstin stole the show as if she was the Rock, the People’s Champ:

She once again found herself behind to start the game off. At the first commercial break she found herself with only $200, down to that betch Amy $3,000 and that hipster dickhead Sam $2,600.

It was right out of that break we learned Kirstin’s family owns a blueberry farm…

Mashable reactions meme what surprised

So, she’s “the farmer’s daughter”… Good god. This woman is perfect.

The game rolled on, and it was a tough outing for a while. I started getting texts like, “I’m so nervous” (that was Big Fudge) and to be honest – I WAS TOO.

Listen, I was pulling for her hard, but Sam and Amy brought their A-games early on. It was tough to watch at times. Even at the second commercial break, Kirstin found her score being doubled by the leader, that Hipster Sam.

But as we’ve learned, nothing phases our girl Kirstin. She started stringing together some wins, and well, your boy was fired up.

Honestly, the last few minutes of action were ELECTRIC. She snuck in a quick $2,800 right before Double Jeopardy. Honestly, pure GRIT on her part. Heading into the final round, here were the scores:

Final Jeopardy Kirstin Cutts.jpg

Now, the question was basically impossible, something about a Maryland area named for a boy’s paradise… sounded like borderline-pedophilia stuff if you ask me (even after Alex explained the answer I was like WTF?!)… But here’s the deal – NONE of them got the answer.

So it came down to the wagers…

Hipster Sam wagered $3,601. So he’s got $4,599.

Kirstin wagered $1,999. Savvy move girly. SAVVY move. She’s at $8,201.

Then Amy wagered…

$8,601!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE BLEW IT!!!!

My heart is POUNDING after that epidsode. Amazing comeback win from America’s sweetheart.

Amazing. See you all tomorrow for Day 5!!



Day 4 of Hopefully the Rest of Our Lives,