These Knicks are so predictable in all the worst ways, it is crazy.

They have a lead that they build through ball movement and hustle. They come down to the final minutes in a tight one and while the other team never fails to execute on the offensive end, we seem to change course and play Melo isolation ball. The results are 9 times out of 10 the same. We need the final few plays to go our way…

200w (1).gif

Now last night we got our look and still came up short. THAT HAPPENS. But what doesn’t have to happen is the lead up to that. The previous 1:30 are what lost us that game. DeRozan shooting over Rose on the defensive end OVER AND OVER, and then iso ball on offense got us to NEED Melo to hit a game winner.

I honestly think I may post tomorrow’s game recap against the Magic at halftime… Here’s a special sneak peek for ya: “We look great, then down the stretch got away from what built our lead and it all came down to the final couple possessions.”

The Knicks franchise better pay for a portion of whatever liver failure is coming my way… They certainly aren’t “zero fault” – that’s for sure!



Over & Over Again,