Johnny Football: Hello?
NFL: Johnny, make the comeback. We don’t want to see you go “Tebow” and play baseball.

Everyone’s favorite Heisman-winning partier, whose family is stupid rich from oil money, could be making his return. That’s right people, Johnny Manziel is BACK with his old agent, Erik Burkhardt. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is for sure coming back. Buuuut, he is at least making some moves in that direction.


So, what does this mean to you and me? Pretty much nothing. Yes, Manziel is going to create a bunch of hype. But let’s be real here; he is just going to keep partying. After he was released by the Browns in March of last year, that was pretty much the end of it.


NOW, that’s not to say that I am against Johnny football coming back to the NFL, because I would LOVE to see him make a come back. I think the NFL needs a new “Bad Boy of Football.” He could be similar to Tennis legend Aaron Williams. If you don’t know who Aaron Williams was – just know he was the “Bad Boy of Tennis.”

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Regardless, I would love to see a comeback. I think there could be some big moves being made. Maybe the Bills could pick him up just as a specialty Tailgating Coach… Not that I think they need to tone it down, in fact I think that they could use him to turn it up a notch.


If we’re lucky guys, maybe JUST MAYBE Manziel can come in and make the NFL great again.



Johnny Pasta Sauce