**Press play and read**

We all watced last night with dreams of Kirstin continuing her streak – hopefully for the rest of our lives… but as they say – all good things must come to an end. Sorry, was that cliche to say?

The show started, and it was clear Kirstin and Rob were going to be running the show. The lady on the right (who will remain nameless because she didn’t even earn that much) was clearly just excited to be there, but she wasn’t a real threat… Rob on the other hand (who pressed the button like a jackass, see below) ended up being the bane of our existence.

Jason Stathom Jeopardy Rob Presses the Buzzer Like and Idiot.jpg

Let me pause and just say… Honestly, why is he holding the buzzer like that? I feel like that should be illegal. Does he not have a working left thumb to do it all with one hand LIKE EVERY OTHER JEOPARDY CONTESTANT SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME?! What the hell is this? I feel like Alex should’ve asked him: “Hey buddy, what the hell are you doing? We made pressing the buzzer to answer as simple as can be and you’re making it seem like you’re disarming a bomb…

But whatever, I’m not salty.

Back to the show… the two of them, Kirstin and Rob (the buzzer idiot) were neck and neck basically the whole time. Luckily, nameless woman on the right was an idiot and ended up with -$600 entering Double Jeopardy so Trebeck gave her the boot.


**Sidenote: look how happy that woman is ending up with NEGATIVE $600. I get that she is given a pity $1,000, but have some respect for yourself woman…

AND THEN THERE WERE TWO. Kirstin with $9,800. Rob with $12,600.

Double Jeopardy fires off and Kirstin didn’t think she got it, but (of course) she did… Brains and beauty I tell ya. She wagered $2,801 – giving herself the lead for at least the moment.

Rob, aka Jason Stathom went next. He got it right too, but wagered… $7,001. Giving him a total of $19,601 and the game…

Team Coco crying why conan obrien kevin hart

So there we have it folks. The end of the Kirstin Cutts era. The end of Jeopardy as I know and love it. No more cute contestants with wild eye rolls and eyebrow raises and shoulder shrugs. Ugh, what’s even the point?!

I think I’ll need to take a hiatus and not hear Jeopardy music when I go to sleep anymore. It might be good for my health.

Regardless Kirstin, if you’re reading this, a few things. #1, thanks for the memories. #2, loved the outfit last night, you literally are as cute as a button. #3, It’s been real and I love you.

What is Love?