Durant hurt and out indefinitely? Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut added to your star studded roster? JR SPLIFF soon to return from an injury (that basically gave him the season to just rest up)? What else do you need LeBron? Do you want me to personally break Steph Curry’s leg? Will that do it?!

If this man does not win the NBA Championship this year, I will be pretty surprised. The Warriors and their Super Team were the heavy favorites entering this season but realistically after all of this happened, I don’t see why the Cavs aren’t.

LeBUM is the best player in the world and it’s time for him to prove it. He bitched and complained and caused controversy in the locker room about adding players for them to work with… Now he’s got them! No more room for complaints LeBron. Step your game up and beat the balls off the rest of the NBA.

If you don’t take the ship, I’ll be disappointed in you. There’s no more excuses for you at this point. Take advantage of this GOLDEN (State) opportunity and defeat the evil forces out in California.

Klay is my boy and all, but the rest of the Warriors bother the living shit out of me… Mostly Draymond, he is the WORST. Please beat him and his slave-owner having mentality ASS into a depression.



Please and Thank You,
Oh Diggity Dawg